2023 Minga Recap

Wow, we can't believe 2023 is already over. 🎉 Amidst the whirlwind of campaigns, photoshoots, design sessions, and the daily hustle, it's easy to forget to pause and reflect on the incredible journey we've had🌟 


In the midst of it all, we've cherished the moments spent connecting with our amazing Minga family – YOU! 🤗 Let's take a collective breath and celebrate the milestones and triumphs we've achieved together this year. As we bid farewell to 2023, we're not just closing a chapter; we're setting the stage for an even better 2024. Here's to new hopes, fresh goals, and, of course, a year filled with the best looks yet! 


But before we do that, let’s celebrate all the big moments we have had!


This year we launched some of the hottest campaigns yet, fusing together our love for fashion, art and culture to bring you the styles you not only want but need in your life! From customer faves like Neo Nostalgia, to the summer drops like Water Dreams, taking to the streets of London with Cherry Daze, and throwback edits like Sleaze Riot, we adore every single piece of clothing from each of these collections! We’re so happy you loved them just as much as we do 💌

We love a good party at Minga, especially when it’s to celebrate special milestones like our 9 year anniversary! 🥳 We got together with all of our staff and the people that make Minga the brand it is for well-deserved celebration 🎉 See you in 2024 for our 10 year anniversary!! 

We knew we wanted to create something epic this year that fully encapsulates all the madness and quirkiness that we live by here at Minga London. We know we sell y2k and grunge inspired clothing that Gen Z wear and adore, but we also find it so important for the brand to feel like a proper community of like-minded people. We invited some creatives who inspire us to be a part of this major Minga moment! We wanted this campaign to serve as a utopia of uniqueness, pulling you into a realm of self-expression where you are free from any fear of judgment or stereotype, and we definitely made that happen 🤩



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, but it really is you guys who inspire us in everything we do! We’re always buzzed at the prospect of collaborating with other creatives, artists, photographers, and models! This year we had the pleasure to work with talented people such as Amy Pesket, Lizard the Queen, and Joshuo! 🤩 How amazing is their work?

Yes, to some they might only be shoes, but to us it symbolizes a full-circle moment of being able to see our community *quite literally* dressed from head-to-toe in everything Minga 🤯 A pinch us moment to say the least! We wanted to bless you with footwear that is fun to wear but also serves functionality 💋



As a brand dedicated to designing ethical fashion and being kinder to the planet, we continued our partnership with Ecologi. We collectively sowed the seeds of change by planting over 300 trees in 2023, contributing to the global reforestation effort. 🌳💚 But our efforts didn't stop there. In a collective stride toward reducing our carbon footprint, we're thrilled to announce that Minga London successfully saved a remarkable 9 tonnes of CO2 emissions. You can read more about our work here 🌳


We get a buzz when we see anyone wearing Minga clothes, but it is crazy to see celebs wear and love our pieces, outside of collaborations 🥺 From Doja Cat wearing our pieces to NewJeans dressed in Minga for their Billboard cover, it’s been such a fun year for us! When bold, Gen Z creators and musicians wanna wear our clothes, it inspires us to make even better designs for you 💕


Here's to a year of bold campaigns, our fave' fashion ensembles, endless looks, and the ongoing evolution of Minga. We can’t wait to bring you more y2k, grunge and streetwear inspired clothing in 2024. Until next year! 


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