Holy Knit, It’s Cold Outside!

*emotional support knitwear has entered the chat* 🤳🫶

Battle winter with ease with our cold weather approved collection of Minga knitwear! Designed to keep you cute and cozy while you take part in all the festivities! The ice cold mornings and dark nights doesn’t mean you have to cover up your cute outfit with oversized coats, because our knitwear is designed to keep you warm!❄️

As you know, we don’t just make any kind of knitted clothing. All of our pieces are designed with fun, love, a sprinkle of Minga attitude, and of course are all ethically made to last. Expect cozy but weird. Think 90s grunge knit sweaters, statement hats, graphic knitted tops, comfy cardigans and more, that are consciously made! Think you’re down for that? If that’s a yes, then let us introduce you to some of our winter 2023 faves…

We love playing around with different silhouettes and cuts when it comes to designing our knitwear, and both our Clara Pink Cropped Striped Knit Sweater and Giselle Pink Extreme Crop Knit Sweater are no exceptions. Perfect for styling with baggy pants or a y2k mini skirt, if you don’t want to go for a big sweater just yet, then cropped is the one for you! With chunky print stripes and baby pink hues, this knitted piece is the perfect blend of grunge and softness 🖤🎀 If you like the opposite of cropped and are on the search for a chunky knit piece then our Hazel Striped Chunky Knit Jumper is just for you! 

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Clara Cropped Sweater shop now
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Giselle Knit Sweater shop now

Our love for distressed knit jumpers are on the rise ☝️ These aren't your ordinary cozy knits; they're infused with a rebellious edge that's perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Whether you're looking to add some attitude to your autumn wardrobe or want to embrace the rugged-chic look, our distressed knit pieces are here to help you curate a closet that feels like you! Our Curtis Black Grey Striped Knit Jumper and Avril Distressed Cut Out Net Knit Jumper  are giving season 2 Jenny Humphrey 🎸

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Curtis Knit Jumper shop now
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Avril Knit Jumper shop now

Your go-to choice for those days when all you want is to wrap yourself in snug warmth while still looking absolutely on-point. Knitted zip-up hoodies are more than just clothing; they're a travel essential, a sartorial hug, and an embodiment what it means to dress for yourself 💗 Some of our different styles include our Iris Zip Up Hood Knit Cardigan, our Jacky Zip Up Hood Knit Cardigan.

Knitted cardigans are an autumn and winter must-have, especially our button up, zip up and styles. Fashion that’s functional, comfortable to wear, but also makes a statement, what's not to love? When we’re in the mood for this aesthetic, the knitted pieces we’re reaching for are our Nixie Brown Lace Up Cardigan, our Striped Knit Cardigan , the Black Skeleton Jacquard Hooded Knit Cardigan  and our Jinx Green Cropped Zip Hoodie Cardigan. Bringing you an alt fashion look with a touch of warmth, these pieces were made for cold days spent wandering around the city with your friends and late night boba dates 🧋♡

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Jinx Hoodie Cardigan shop now
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Nixie Lace Up Cardigan shop now

We’re known for our wacky and weird graphics and designs, especially when it comes to our graphic knit sweaters, it’s one of the things that makes us Minga! Our graphics transcend our knitwear, with cats, rats, skeleton sweaters, teddies, angel and star designs found on lots of our pieces (no cuties were harmed in the making of our graphic knit sweaters 😘) Designed to help you put together a fun outfit on those days when you don’t have the time or energy to put together a look, but are in need of cool sweaters that just gets it instantly. Pieces like our Check Star Patch Knit Sweater brings all the fun vibes for you to play around with ≽^•⩊•^≼ 🖤 

We’re all lovers of all things 2000’s right now, whether it’s fashion, media or music. The y2k renaissance has brought back trending styles and our sweater collection isn’t a stranger to millennia moments. If you’re looking for the perfect y2k jumper or top this season, then browse our collection to find one that feels authentically you! We’re loving our Jetta Black Off Shoulder Knit Jumper, our Superstar Open Knit Jumper and our Star! Green Chunky Knit Jumper paired with baggy or low rise pants for a classic noughties look. Luckily for you our Star! Green Chunky Knit Jumper comes in four colours! We’ve also got our new-on-the-block Cinder Striped Off-Shoulder Knit Jumper for you to obsess over too! ˚୨୧⋆。˚

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Cinder Knit Jumper shop now
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STAR! Knit Jumper shop now
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Jetta Knit Jumper shop now

Sometimes you gotta keep it old school 🕰️ Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons to opt for jacquard patterns, bringing a sense of comfort and calm 🍵 If you want to dip more into aesthetics like Dark Academia fashion, then our Aspen Jacquard Knit Jumper, our Grandma Jacquard Knit Jumper and Grandpa Jacquard Knit Jumper are a base to start off with. Add a pleated skirt, some hair ribbons, our Grandma Jacquard Knit Socks and our chunky Lana Mary-Janes for those finishing touches 📕🖤


Where would we be without those last minute knitted accessories that add some extra coziness to our outfits? We’re grateful for our Emmie Multi Coloured Textured Scarf, our Blaire Stripes Tie Knit Hat, the Black Tie Knitted Beanie with Grey Star Design and our Chunky Knitted Leg Warmers, to name a few 😘 For something lighter you can opt for one of our knitted shrugs and focus  on outit layering from some extra warmth!
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Minga Star Knitted Beanie shop now
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Emmie Textured Scarf shop now
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Checkout our knitwear inspired by aesthetics such as y2k, grunge, and Dark Academia! With new pieces dropping every month 💗🛒
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