With February 14th marketed as the ultimate day of romance for couples across the world, it can be easy to second guess yourself and feel like you need a romantic partner to fulfill different aspects of your life. However, we’re here to remind you of all the different ways you can experience love and romance in your life with a guide on how to make the most of being single on Valentine’s day! 

Think… A pamper day, spending it with your besties, or using it as a date to really learn about yourself! There’s more reasons to be excited than to be sad when it comes to being single on Valentine’s day. 

If you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media, looking at being single on Valentines day memes, and feeling a lil’ down in the dumps that you don’t have anyone to show you romantic love or affection… Why not give it to yourself? If you love journaling or it isn’t an area that you dabble in but want to, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to write yourself a good ol’ love letter. It might seem cringe on the exterior, but sitting down alone and focusing on the parts of ourselves that we love and are proud of is self-care just as much as a warm shower or hair mask is. Need some help getting started? Here are some prompts to help:

My 5 favorite things about myself?
Something I’m proud of myself for?
What are my best qualities?
What do you love about your life?
Write about a time when you felt the most yourself?

Might we add, whether you’re single or taken, these self-love journal prompts are perfect no matter your relationship status!

Practicing self-love comes in many different forms for different people, but as long as it makes you feel like you're showing yourself kindness and patience, then go for it! From a museum day, to getting creative, or binge watching your fave’ sitcoms on Netflix all day long, comment below your go-to self-care practice 👇

Get all your single, taken, pals in situationships, and polyamorous friends together for a festival of all things love and host a romantic dinner! From Galentine’s to Palentine’s, friend-based Valentine’s day celebrations can be the perfect way to celebrate the strong and dedicated friendships in your life. Throw a pizza party or get a pot-luck on the go, whatever vibe suits your group! 💗🍝

Sometimes the best gifts to receive are ones from yourself 💝 If you've been looking for a sign to get yourself a present, then this is it! From seasonal gifts to celebrate the szn of love such as chocolate, a cute teddy bear, or prosecco, to slightly more intimate gifts such as lingerie (to look and feel good for your goddamn self ofc), or practical options like new coffee beans or a bed sheet set to make your everyday life better, there’s so many options! Struggling to decide? Check out our Most Wanted collection for some inspo 😉

So, the 14th is fast approaching and you’re googling what to do on Valentine’s day for singles? We’ve got you covered. As much as we all love using our time being single to focus on ourselves, it’s also super fun to date and a great way to get to know new people! With dating apps like Thursday taking things from digital to IRL with pop-up events for singles in cities like London and New York, why not check that they’ve got something coming up in your area? Or even better… Organize one with your friends! Maybe 2023 is the year we bring back speed dating!?

…Preferably alone! You know those moments when you’re by yourself and you can pick up the hairbrush and dance around the apartment while singing your favourite songs? It’s pure bliss, right? Sometimes we find therapeutic moments when we let go and free ourselves of any inhibitions. Whether you’re happy to be single on Valentine’s day or need a little comforting sing-a-long, our Love Myself playlist on Spotify has a song for every V-day mood! 


Whatever your plans are on the 14th, we hope that you enjoy every moment of being single on Valentine’s day and are sending you lots of Minga love 💗

Thanks for catching up with us! Got something you want us to touch base on or discuss? Comment below 👇

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