How to Romanticize Back to School Season

As the summer sun begins to set and the vibrant hues of autumn emerge, a new season of excitement beckons for students: the return to school. Whether you’re entering your last year of high school or are well into your college days, beyond the academic pursuits and social endeavors, the new academic year offers a canvas for self-expression and style. And PSA: we love putting together a new wardrobe here at Minga! 
Right now Youtube, Tik Tok and Insta are booming with “back to school closet must-haves’ and ‘what to wear on campus’ content, but if you’re looking for a more specific lowdown on what exactly to wear to every school moment, we’re here to bring you the latest trends and style you don’t want to miss out on.

You’ve heard of BNOC (big name on campus for those of you who haven’t), but our goal this semester? Being the best dressed on campus. Adorned in carefully selected ensembles that mirror their aspirations and individuality, a new semester is the perfect time to hit reset on your personal style and to reach for some new pieces that make you feel the most authentically you! From effortlessly chic outfits that exude casual coolness to meticulously curated attire that grabs the attention of your peers, opt for our. 

Your alarm goes off, you’ve just had your morning coffee, and  now it’s time to pick an outfit for your first early morning class of the new academic year, *screams help internally* 

Cool and comfortable clothing is an essential part of dorm life and heading back to school. Elevate your dorm-to-school style with a touch of personal flair, and you'll be ready to tackle whatever the day brings with comfort and confidence. From baby tees to striped tops, pleated skirts and cargos. What are you opting for?

If there’s anywhere that you can style together an A+ Dark Academia outfit, it’s during back to school season. Romanticize study sessions in our trending pieces and transport yourself to the hallowed halls of ivy-covered libraries and candlelit chambers. From Rory Gilmore-core, to Cruel Intentions, Gossip Girl, and The Craft, Collegiate-core has an undeniable 90s and noughties vibe. We love a Dark Academia and grunge y2k moment. This style embraces a moody color palette of deep burgundies, forest greens, and rich browns with statement accessories like chunky belts and shoes.
Make the most of your new semester with our trending edit of Back 2 School must-haves. 

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