How To Start The New Year Right!

If change makes you anxious and the end of the year is like an impending doom lingering over you, then you most likely find the changing of the seasons and the new year hard. A sense of nostalgic sadness mixed with the excitement of setting new goals, leaving one year behind and entering a new phase of your life can be overwhelming. We get it. But in good Minga spirit, we’re here to help you ease in 2024 with a guide on how you can start the new year right!

When it comes to setting new year’s resolutions, be bold! Manifest everything you want and set out clar pathways on how you’re gonna achieve your goals. But remember, it’s okay to go into 2024 with achievements that might not be big to others but are small and personal aims for yourself. Every win is a win 💘 
We’re sending you all the love and are here to suggest some small but seriously comforting tips to easing yourself into 2024!

As mentioned before, we’re huge advocates for journaling all of our thoughts and feelings here at Minga ✍️ From small to-do lists, to manifesting, reminiscing, and simply putting your thoughts into words, journaling can be immensely therapeutic and a huge release for pent up emotions. It’s also a good way to set intentions for the next few months and ease your way into the new season. Here are some prompts to get you started:
Setting up small but meaningful rituals in your daily routine can help shape a healthy mindset and environment for you to thrive in. From a healthy morning routine, listening to a wellness podcast, that first iced matcha of the day, or some yoga, finding some wholesome habits and activities that you can appreciate as a sacred act of self-love can really elevate your mindset! Start off the new year right by envisioning your ideal day and try to implement it into your schedule so you can live your best life in 2024! Even something as simple as picking out clothes that make you feel authentically you ❤️

One of the best ways to calm our minds and hit reset is spending time in nature. Whether it’s a walk in the park, a day at the beach, a long hike, or an activity like gardening or foraging, indulging in the elements can help ease summer blues. Why not romanticize your morning walk or arrange a stargazing date with your besties to start off the new year! ⭐ 

Love the idea of being the main character or using music to catapult you into imagining dream scenarios in your head? Then create a Spotify playlist for the new year to soundtrack your life and manifest all that you want for the upcoming season 🎧✮ Invite your social circle to add their favorite tracks, making it a collaborative effort that mirrors the diversity of your relationships. Whether it's dance-worthy Gen-Z beats, 90s rock throwbacks, or Indie band lyrics that inspire, let the playlist become a communal source of good feelings and shared aspirations. Need a starting point? Check out our Minga Spotify 💗
Sometimes going back to basics is good for the soul and mind. Using fruit and vegetables that are in season to make nutritious meals can be a vice in cultivating a lifestyle that helps you feel your happiest and healthiest. From farmer’s markets to growing your own produce, why not give it a try? Or host a dinner party for your friend group on new year’s eve? We can totally see you work your magic in one of our Fairycore or dark Cottagecore clothing inspired pieces! 😍🍂

We’re creatures of habit and when we find skincare products that we love it can be hard to switch them up. However, with the changing of the seasons, our skin needs some extra TLC to ensure it’s getting the right protection it needs. From extra sunscreen during the summer months to heavier moisturizer during winter, make sure you’re using the correct products so that your skin can feel healthy and happy throughout 2024! 🤭 
Friends, family, pets… Spending time with loved ones or those who light up our soul is a sure way to ensure that you set your start into the new year the right way. Whether it's cozy gatherings, laughter-filled dinners, or spontaneous adventures, be open to make new memories so you can look back on them at the end of 2024 with a full heart.

Sometimes it's the simplest of things that can✨perk up our mood✨ and sometimes that may come in the form of ✨retail therapy✨ Switching up your wardrobe with some fresh staples that take you from season to season can help elevate your outfits and give you a major confidence boost. Your streetwear faves may give way to dainty dresses (or layer them up!) and alt clothing staples can be paired with cute bows and ribbons, make it your year of experimenting with fashion! We design pieces at Minga for you to make your own. We love seeing how you style our clothes in your own unique and individual way! Here’s to more unreal looks in 2024 💘

Begin by taking inspo from various sources! Fom Pinterest, fashion magazines, social media, and even your surroundings. Pay attention to what resonates with you and makes you feel confident. Experiment with different looks, combining elements that reflect your personality and tastes. Don't hesitate to step out of your comfort zone; sometimes the most unexpected combinations can lead to the best outfits! We design each of our pieces to help have a starting point for your own unique style, with y2k, Grunge, Dark Academia, Acubi and alt fashion pieces for you to choose from 🥰
It’s important to remember that it’s normal not to achieve everything you want to in one year, just take the new year as an opportunity to reflect, set goals, and be young, creative and unapologetically you! ✩°

Thanks for catching up with us! Got something you want us to touch base on or discuss? Comment below 👇 
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Disclaimer: this blog does not replace professional help, and if your august blues develop into severe sadness or depression please reach out to a trusted family member or seek medical attention.

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