WTF is Minga? Well aren’t we glad you asked!

Minga London is a fashion brand inspired by the people and planet. We want to create pieces that make you feel authentically yourself while being ethical to make. Our mission is to continue our journey to become a more conscious and thoughtful brand, hand-in-hand with our customers and partners. We want to create a transparent relationship and hopefully a brand that you are proud to purchase from and wear.

When we think about the kind of person who buys from Minga, there’s no limit to who and what they can be. All we care about is that our mission aligns with them and reaches them somehow. So much more than an item of fabric, we hope our pieces inspire and empower you to be the best version of yourself, or that they can pick you up on those days that you are struggling. What is fashion if it can’t be subjective and versatile?


From the beginning, we’ve always had the mindset of creating pieces of clothing that serve purpose and longevity in our customer’s closets, while minimizing the harmful impact that fashion industry has on our planet and communities.

With our grassroots being creating tie-dye clothing and selling them in markets across London, heading back to our hometown in Portugal and setting up a studio and working closely with local seamstresses and suppliers, to now selling globally, we never want to lose that intimacy that comes with caring about our community.


Right now, we’re working on bringing our customers edits that they can wear and love for a long time. Although we love to bring you pieces that work for new trends, our purpose is to create clothes that can last a lifetime and make you feel as authentically yourself as possible!

Although Minga London may seem like a big fashion group, we still operate as a pretty small team of individuals, who all have the same outlook and drive. Totally independent and made in Portugal, with only 28 employees who work with passion everyday to give you the best quality styles, we want our clothing to be so much more than a piece of fabric.

Being ethical and building a strong community is a top priority for us, which is why 95% of our products are made in Portugal, either in our own manufacturing unit or in other local family owned-suppliers. We aren’t kidding when we say we literally know everyone who makes your clothes - we lunch together, party together, create amazing products together, and most importantly, respect the planet together.


We’re constantly reviewing and thinking of new ways to do better and we’re committed to ensuring Minga London is a brand that our customers can trust and feel proud to be a part of. We want to lead our brand with transparency, building an open and trusted relationship with our Minga London family from the get go.

We know that trends come and go, however we want to be a responsible brand that curates pieces that can be worn season after season. And by season we don’t just mean the weather, but your own personal seasons in life. We’re talking about a dress that you can wear on a first date, re-wear on vacation with your friends, through heartbreaks and college graduations. Our pieces are made to be with you every step of the way, no matter how joyous or sh*t of a time you’re having.

How you express yourself authentically and your decision to take care of the planet should never be a compromise, and we’re working hard to ensure that this isn’t something our customers have to experience. Yeah, your outfit will look cool - but you know what gives it that finishing touch? Giving a sh*t about the planet.


We want you all to know that your feedback and voice means everything to us. We love to hear from you, whether that’s ideas for a new collection, topics you want us to talk about on the blog, or fun fan art! You can comment below to reach out to us 🤗


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